Corporate Car or Truck Fleet?

We’re committed to growing as an auto detailing industry leader in the corporate and fleet sector by continuing to provide professional detailing service to our clients. We look to further the growth and success of Good Guy by building mutually rewarding business relationships with current and new corporate clients. Call Joe Latsch 808-772-0363 for detailing of your fleet today!

Our corporate clients choose us because we understand the needs of fleet vehicles, we know how to best achieve the desired results requested by our clients for the fleet, we offer the best auto detailing services for corporate car and truck fleet companies, and all with extraordinary great value. We provide each car or truck in your fleet with the utmost care to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction! Good Guy Detailing is a fully commercial insured company that conveniently performs high quality fleet detailing on-site at your location while the fleet vehicle(s) are not in service.

Why your company needs Fleet Detailing

Commercial fleet washing and detailing is something every company that has a commercial car and truck fleet should do on a regular basis. Not only will the fleet detailing add lasting value to your vehicles, but it will help to differentiate your company from the competition. In the business world, everything counts! – and this includes the cleanliness and appearance of your corporate car and/or truck fleet. Studies have shown that companies that appear cleaner to the consumer often do better than their competition.


Maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles not only illustrates your company’s commitment to excellence, but it helps retain value for the company as well. Each vehicle will depreciate by a certain amount based on a set of factors. Some of these factors are maintenance, appearance, age, and mileage. While mileage and age are out of your control, you can control the appearance of your fleet vehicles, which can alter the price of a vehicle by as much as 50%. Regular fleet washing and detailing services will keep your fleet looking as good as possible at all times. Additionally, many fleet managers realize that having a well-groomed fleet helps maintain employee moral and boosts productivity. The benefits of corporate car & truck fleet detailing definitely outweigh the many misconceptions.

Our fleet detailing customers include companies that supply company cars to their corporate executives and/or sales people, hospitals, government agencies, hotels, car dealerships, limousine companies, car rental agencies, service vendor/delivery companies, and more.

What is included in our Fleet Package?

Good Guy Detailing Fleet Package includes the following:


  • Hand wash with a special laser technology microfiber mitts & dry with chamois

  • Door jambs washed & vehicle wheels, wheel wells, tires cleaned, tires dressed to a perfect shine

  • Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime

  • Gas cap and surrounding area treated

  • Vacuum interior including ashtray and trunk by request

  • Interior windows, mirrors and gauges cleaned to a streak free shine

  • Dashboard wiped clean

  • Carpet and upholstery pre-spotted, hand shampooed, and deep cleaned by machine and with a heat extractor if necessary

  • 5-Point Engine Shampoo

  • A spray wax is used to leave a “wet look”

  • Machine buff if necessary

  • Spot Clean headliner

Are you responsible for a Corporate Fleet?

Let Good Guy Detailing do all the heavy lifting for your fleet’s auto care. We can customize a program based on your fleet needs. We are committed to serving local companies and government agencies on the island of Oahu. In addition, you will have the comfort of knowing you are working with a company that is licensed, experienced and insured. We have the most competitive prices in the area and we can provide other corporate references.

Need Detailing for your Car Dealership?

Good Guy Detailing offers services to many local car dealerships on the island of Oahu. Having your cars detailed by Good Guy Detailing will increase your dealer “turn” ratio. In this economy, new car sales are down but used cars sales are up. Become the leader of the pack and get your “pre-owned” cars to look like new. We are reliable, accountable and dedicated to making sure all of our dealers are satisfied with the work. In addition, our contract protects both the dealer and the company. So give Good Guy Detailing a try and you will not be disappointed.

Please contact Joe Latsch at (808) 772-0363 or for more information and to receive a quote for your fleet of vehicles.

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