Devoted Detail Day

Good Guy Detailing is striving to establish partnerships with businesses around the island of Oahu by presenting them the ability to reserve a dedicated day for the personnel working within your company. 

We arrive on site and provide discounted pricing for our auto detailing services to the employees of companies that participate in our Devoted Detail Day. If you are an employee and would like to see if your company qualifies for this discount, contact your Human Resources department. Just have a member of your Human Resources department or senior management team contact Good Guy Detailing, and we’ll assist your company with getting enrolled to offer our auto detailing services as an employee benefit!

Benefits of the Good Guy Devoted Detail Day

All-In-One Business Solution – We save you and your employees’ valuable time by arriving on-site and performing services at a reduced rate.


Convenience – All the work is completed at your company’s location; allowing your employees to focus on being productive and efficient at work, and resulting in a feeling of happiness once they get into their sparkling vehicle as a result of our auto detailing.


Excellent Service – Our vehicle detailing technicians are “True Industry Professionals” which means they have years of experience detailing any cars at the highest level and they are licensed and bonded.


Insured – Good Guy Detailing carries commercial liability insurance.

Please contact Joe Latsch (808) 772-0363 or for more information and to receive a quote for your company to have a Devoted Detail Day!

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